Earlier this week my team at Deloitte Digital launched the #drivenby campaign. At its core, the campaign celebrates the thing that makes Deloitte Digital great: its people.

Drive takes many forms. Motivators in our personal lives are often different from the things that inspire us in the workplace, and both evolve with time. The Driven By campaign also takes many forms.

In part, it’s our new Tumblr blog—peppered with short posts, Tweets, Instagram pics, and video—that visually represent who we are, both as individuals and as a group.



It’s our Driven By wall—a tangible, in-studio reminder of the things that drive us and a place for us to share and soak up inspiration.




It’s also our fun, whimsical Driven By video, courtesy of our talented new motion graphic designer, Jeremy.


I’m excited to see where #drivenby takes us. Many voices are more powerful than one. So, if you have a minute, tell us—what are you driven by? Tweet it or Instagram it; either way, tag it (#drivenby) so we can hear you loud and clear!

#drivenby // drivenby.tumblr.com // www.deloittedigital.com

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