Making an IMPACT

Yesterday we made an impact.

One of the perks of employment at Deloitte is IMPACT Day. On one day a year, the entire US firm steps out of the office and into the community. The official description, care of Uncle D: On IMPACT Day, tens of thousands of Deloitte professionals volunteer at 800+ community service projects organized by more than 100 office locations nationwide. Powerful stuff.

I joined the Friends of the Cedar River Watershed (the Friends) work site at Madrona Park on Lake Washington.

Madrona Park view

The Friends is a local nonprofit that focuses on engaging people to enhance and sustain watersheds through restoration, education, and stewardship. For us, that translated to schlepping through muddy woodland trails to remove pesky ivy, holly, and blackberry bushes. Armed with clippers, loppers, rakes, and pitchworks, we waged battle against invasive species.

Pitchfork vs. loppers

We removed a lot of ivy. And hauled a lot of mulch. And got really, really muddy. It was glorious.

steph pulling ivy

View from above in the trees

After breaking for lunch (and getting treated to a fleeting downpour), we took a quick tour of the hillside trail network. The Friends have created a small system of well-groomed trails that crisscross the hillside, connecting Lake Washington Boulevard to the neighborhoods above.

But the real accomplishment of the day was this amazing mural that my coworkers whipped up at Sacajawea Middle School. Bears, moose, and bald eagles—the whole nine yards. Pretty impressive.

And what better way to end the day than homemade margaritas, guacamole, and carnitas at Eastlake’s Little Water Cantina. The view was amazeballs, and I was especially taken by the P-Patch garden below.

P-Patch garden below Little Water Cantina

Survey says, IMPACT Day was a success—two thumbs way, way up, in fact.

Giving IMPACT Day two thumbs up

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